Rebecca Benton

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Executive Coaching


As a coach, my focus is to help you to develop self-awareness, set and achieve ambitious goals, gain confidence and unlock potential.


1-2-1 Coaching
I have significant experience of 1-2-1 executive coaching, supporting business leaders, directors, senior managers and high potentials increase their effectiveness and have time and space to think more deeply and creatively about the challenges they face.


Team Coaching

I also work with teams to develop their effectiveness - to gain greater clarity, improve communication and relationships and become even more high performing.  Team coaching enables us to work on real issues together and to develop the skills of each team member whilst also achieving results for the whole team.


I am passionate about working with my clients so that they are able to make a tangible difference in their organisations and to succeed in achieving their goals. 


Success is not just about work achievements.  It might mean being more fulfilled in your job, achieving a better balance between work and home or finding greater meaning and purpose in what you do.



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Executive Coaching in Practice

Career Progression

A technologist with significant talent and drive could not understand why he was struggling to get promoted. He felt that seniors were blocking his ideas and overlooking his contribution.  At the start of coaching, 360 degree feedback was gathered, identifying that he was highly valued by his team but seniors saw him as difficult to work with - not his intention at all.


Coaching helped him to understand what might be driving this behaviour and how he could change it.  As a result, the change in him has been widely recognised and rewarded with a significant promotion.


Increasing Confidence and Influence 

A recently promoted technologist wanted to increase her influence in order to persuade non-technical colleagues of her arguments and the impact that technology could have on the work they did.  She also wanted support in managing the team that she had recently been a part of.


Coaching identified how to increase her impact and influence and how to make her points with greater confidence, which colleagues quickly recognised.   She also felt significantly more confident in managing the team and was able to deal successfully with some challenging people issues with courage and resilience.

Rebecca Benton
Rebecca Benton

Time to Think More Strategically


A recently promoted Head of Software Development felt overwhelmed by the increased demands of his new role.  His days were filled with meetings and activity but he recognised he was not able to create the space and time to think strategically, define his priorities and focus on the most important aspects of the role. 


Coaching gave him time, space and accountability to set clear priorities, put in place strategies to manage his time and to think deeply and creatively. 


Leadership Coaching

The director of growing start-up was struggling to delegate to others resulting in the team feeling disempowered and frustrated. 

Coaching addressed the impact that this had on his team and on himself and explored some of the experiences from childhood that led him to take on so much and to find it difficult to trust others.


As a result, he developed greater awareness of his behaviour and how damaging it can be to him and the team and is learning how to take a step back and empower others.